Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

7 Jun


Good Thursday Readers!
And might I add a very happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day !

Okay I know what you are thinking, you think I just made up this super cool holiday to alleviate the guilt of Ben & Jerry’s.
But no according to my calendar at work it sure is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

Today we celebrate one of the most popular ice cream flavors of all time. Culinary historians believe that the first ice cream flavors were fruit-based, but by the 18th century both vanilla and chocolate were quite common. Thomas Jefferson took a fancy to ice cream while living abroad during the 1780s. (He was the ambassador to France at the time.) It is likely that he is responsible for bringing this delicious frozen treat to America!

Today, the United States produces around 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream each year.

In honor of this glorious day me and my love will be indulging in B&J’s New York Super Fudge Chunk

This ice cream is amazing! Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream is rich yet not too sweet. It has such a great amount of chocolate chunks, pecans, walnuts and almonds. Talk about PERFECT!
I am guiltlessly eating this tonight while I watch the Miami Heat get sent home by the Boston Celtics….. Sorry not a fan of the Heat :c

Let me know if you guys went out and bought yourself a nice chocolate ice cream to eat tonight in honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Until next time fellow bloggers!

Crafty Nowy

Baby Blanket Update!

26 May

So I haven’t posted in a while about any of the projects that I have been working on. Mostly because I have been so busy with well you know life! lol. I have still been giving myself time to zen out with crochet and my other crafts though, just haven’t posted about them. Sorry for leaving you abandoned my dear readers. sorry, sorry sorry…

I have however been working on the baby blanket for my new niece! We found out last week she was having a girl! I was more than excited to hear this, seeing as how I already made a cute pair of baby booties for her. (seen in my previous post Baby Booties)

I am working very hard to complete the blanket so I can start on some of the other projects I had in mind for her. I may even delve into some knitting projects for her, I think I may be getting a little carried away with myself now 😀 eh well see!

Well let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading!!!
♥ Crafty Nowy

My Aveda Video Essay

24 May

My Aveda video essay!

I had to do this for my application into Aveda Provo. I hope I get in, view it and let me know what you think!

My Aveda Video Essay

Crochet Monday… Or should I say knitting?

21 May

Hello bloggers!

Todays Monday which means today is my Friday woo hoo!
Im thinking of all the cool things I am going to do on my days off. As much as I am a big supporter of crochet i find it very tempting to try out knitting. Yes I said it! KNITTING

I just look at all the beautiful patterns that knitting has to offer and I just have to give it a try. Im so jealous of how modern knitting looks and how many things you can do with knitting.


So if you read my previous rant of how crochet is not knitting ,then you know that I have now crossed over to becoming a house cat… Yes people i am a sell out! Cant be so bad though, house cats get the joy of being fed, pet and pooping in kitty litter in the comfort of my own home… 😀

Well anywho I will let you know how the knitting adventure goes!

♥ Crafty Nowy

Craft Inspiration

14 May


Hello Bloggers,


I have been looking all over for some more crochet inspiration. I am still in the process of making my little sisters baby blanket. But I tend to have a little ADD with crochet projects so I always seek out a secondary project to help get me by… 😀

I was looking at Pinterest and saw so many cute ideas on there… If you a pinterest member follow me… I will follow you :D!

Anyways back to the point I found a couple of maybe future projects…

Maybe something for my new neice/ nephew.

Sister bracelets Maybe?

These look so cozy!


Updates with my projects will come soon!


Thank you for being great bloggers!


Have a happy May!

Cute Mothers Day Craft Ideas

12 May

Hello readers!

I was feeling crafty and wanted to find some DIY projects for Mothers Day. I love anything home-made or personalized. I think it gives such a great feel to gifts. Like someone took the time  to make you something special. These projects I might even make for myself, I just love them so much…!


Mothers Day Bouquet

They are very pretty and they last a lifetime!


Beauty Mask

*every mommy needs her beauty sleep!


Coupon Book for Mommy

Who wouldn’t want to cash in on these?’


Mothers Day Notebooks

I always have a handy-dandy notebook on me at all time!


Silhouette Totes

They make a beautiful statement. And are very handy to have.


Need more inspiration or ideas. Visit Martha Stewart’s page, she has a plethora of great and beautiful ideas to try!!!

Crafty Nowy

Sunshine Award… ;)

7 May

Sooo last week i posted that I was nominated for the sunshine award…. Little did I know that means I won it lol….I had to clarify that. (sorry im new to the whole blogging community awards…

I have to say thank you to Jennifer from Life Worth Living
Her blog is inspirational and her positive outlook on life is motivating…

So thank you again Jennifer.

Rules for accepting this award:

Answer questions about myself.

Pick 10 other great people for this award.


1. What is your favorite color? Red, Fuschia and black

2. What is your favorite animal? Black panther, they are gorgeous

3. What is your favorite number? 12 is pretty significant to me

4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Orange/ mango juice

5. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

6. What is your passion? Being creative, making things that are beauitful or tasty.

7. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving.

8. What is your favorite pattern? Crochet hearts..so easy and fun.

9. What is your favorite day of the of the week? Sundays…(crochet Sundays!)

10. Favorite flower? Stargazer lillies

10 People I nominate for this award are:

10. Max at max gratitude
9. http://sevenleggedexpressjourney.wordpress.com/
8. http://theprocess123.wordpress.com/
7. Crochet queen http://notyouraveragecrochet.wordpress.com/
6.daniella joe at http://daniellajoe.wordpress.com/
5. Chrissie at http://stuffchrissiemade.wordpress.com/
3. Jules at http://goguiltypleasures.com/
1. http://geekycrochetmom.wordpress.com/

Thank u!! Enjoy the above blogs!

♥ Always Crafty Nowy

Crochet Needle Kit

4 May

Hello Wonderful Readers!

So I was looking around on the internet for some crochet accessories to add to my well deserved collection. And I came across this website for Ergonomic Crochet hook set from Provo Craft.

I’m honestly considering buying them but am not sure how I feel about the interchangeable hook tops. Wouldn’t that become troublesome with the yarn getting hooked to the base? Oh goodness. Well anyways they look great and I hope that it makes it easier on your wrists when you crochet.

Let me know what your hooker thoughts are on these needles!

Until Next Time…

♥ Crafty Nowy

Wild Wednesday

3 May

Sooo last week I posted Wild Wednesday, and you guys really seemed to like it….
So Ima take another shot at tickling your funny bone….

Todays pick of the week comes from What Not 2 Crochet you know there are quite of bit of creations out there that should just not be crocheted and displayed, crocheted….maybe…But definately NOT displayed…

I like to call the below picture “Dances with Man in Granny Square Disguise” or better yet “Secret Crocheted Man” or maybe “The Little Boy in the Crochet Bubble”……. I could probably go on for days with theses silly names but I’m sure some of you are thinking…Please Crafty Nowy just get on with it, and show us the damn picture!

ok well here you go then, heres your damn picture!


Lol just kidding… Im just being a silly one 😉

But seriously this guys got the perfect solution for trying to sleep in the day time, instead of your traditional eye mask, that guys got a whole upper body mask… good thinking sir… Good thinking.

Until next time my crafty crafters,or handy hookers, and even you my nifty knitters

♥ Crafty Nowy

Happy Birthday Lisa

2 May

May 1st 1992, I was blessed to be given my little sister and become an older sister.

Little did I know that my little sister would help me through my hard times, make me laugh when I was down, inspire me, entertain me, and at times she was even my big sister.

You were my shoulder to cry on,

An open ear to hear my thoughts,

A comedian to make me laugh,

My strength to help me be brave,

My best friend that would never leave my side.

My partner in crime,

the best shopping partner a girl could have.

You are uniquely you, and amazing in every way possible.

I love you Lisa Pizza!

Im so grateful your my sister!

Happy 20th Birthday Sister Face!

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